Hello and welcome to Frau Schneider – German in detail!

I’m a German native from Saxony who is enthusiastic about teaching German to foreigners. The idea of creating this web project was born observing that the internet offers numerous courses for learning foreign languages autodidactically that lack what is indispensable for learners – a systematic structure and detailed explanations. As both a linguist and perfectionist, I’d like to fill this niche.

I offer two educational methods that overlap:
1) If you’re an absolute beginner and don’t know what to start with, I highly recommend my systematic course by list where all lessons published to this day are based on one another.
2) If you’re an intermediate or advanced and just looking for something in particular (e.g. phonetics), learn German by category. This method, however, does not take into account the current level group of your knowledge.

All lessons feature exercises and can be downloaded in reading (full version), audio, and video format, which allows you to choose a combination that best fits your personal learning style. You can access all four buttons at the end of the lessons’ articles or separately in the tab Products.

Along with my YouTube channel, this website makes the main resource of Frau Schneider. Also, as this project is only in its incipient stage, subscribe to my Facebook page to be always up to date.

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